At Pacific IT, our approach to supporting our clients is a multi-faceted approach that depends on all wheels being on the road, and if one cog is missing, that affect can be seen in other areas of the business as well. To be able to build a technology platform that will ultimately drive profits, you must have a stable foundation.

Data Protection

Our first goal is to understand where your data lies, how you access it, and how we can restore your data back to an operational level in case of emergency.

Security and Risk Management

At Pacific IT, we believe that Cyber and Network Security must be the forefront of any business these days. However, constant cyber security threats are nothing to fear if you take the proper precautions. A well-planned security strategy is complete with the right tools, processes, and training to minimize the risk. A well-planned security strategy is complete with the right tools, processes, and training to minimize risk. That coupled with a well-planned incident response plan will keep your business ready to react and recover without slowing businesses down! To do this, you must understand your risk to apply the correct strategies and tools to deploy.

Business Continuity

Business continuity is ultimately why businesses decide to search out IT professionals. Your network is now too large for you to manage (or you just have better things to do with your time), and you want things to run, you want them to run efficiently, and when they do break, you want somebody to fix it…Quick! Well, we’ve got you covered. With the foundational pieces covered, we will monitor, maintain and tweak based on policies and standards that we customize for your business to keep it running efficiently.


Where many companies stop at monitoring and maintaining your network, Pacific IT is there to really help you move IT from just a necessary cost center, to an actual business partner that is invested in what you do. Most of our clients really don’t care about IT, and we don’t expect anyone to learn more about what we do, but we like to know what makes our clients successful, and will help where we can to make that possible. We do this by helping you and your staff use technology in the most efficient ways, with training on the applications you use most, assistance with processes, as well as helping you keep an eye on your industry for technology trends and tricks to help the goal of constant improvement.

Strategic Planning

When it comes to IT, most businesses don’t know what they’re doing in six months, much less 3 years from now. However, without that knowledge, you're just reacting to current issues. As your trusted technology advisor, we want to help you to be proactive as possible, and prepared for what’s down the road, not on the side fixing a tire because of a pothole we didn’t see.