Fully Managed IT Services

At Pacific IT, our approach to supporting our clients is a multi-faceted approach that depends on all wheels being on the road, and if one cog is missing, that affect can be seen in other areas of the business as well. To be able to build a technology platform that will ultimately drive profits, you must have a stable foundation. Our service delivery is built on five distinct areas of service. Professional Services, Centralized Services, Help Desk, Technology Alignment and vCIO. It’s designed to cover all your technology needs rather than just be there and help maintain the network. That said, we will help you maintain your network to be working for today, but also help you plan and prepare for the future.

Co-Managed IT Services

Looking for a skilled IT team in, or add to your internal IT?

Even though your organization may have its own internal IT person or department, it still can be difficult for that team to manage all the aspects of their technology. That’s where our Co-Managed IT services come in hand. We help bolster what your IT team is already doing, and just add our expertise in Microsoft 365, cloud management and security implementations. We can also be your boots on the ground if you have a project or client in our service area. Call us to see how we can integrate with your team.

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