Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Customers’ Data?

Protecting sensitive customer data on your networks isn’t just the right thing to do – it may now be a legally sanctioned practice.

Why Ransomware Risk Won’t Stop Rising for Small Businesses

Ransomware Risk Isn’t Going Anywhere But Up Does it seem like ransomware risk and associated costs never stop rising for businesses? That’s because they are rising by leaps and bounds every year. By 2031, a ransomware attack will strike a business every two seconds ...

Are you using a malicious browser extension without realizing?

There are hundreds of thousands of browser extensions designed to help us to save time, be more productive, and personalize our online experience.    

How to get the perfect video call setup! (Guide)

Have you noticed how hybrid and remote workers fall into one of two categories when it comes to video calling?   The first group are those who use the built-in webcam on their laptop. They usually look like they’re sitting in ...

10 Small Business Tech Trends of 2022

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you may not be at the forefront of developing technology, but tech still plays a vital role in your business’s growth and efficiency. Given how much things have changed in the past year, small ...

How to Detect if Your Organization’s Credentials Have Been Stolen

Stolen email credentials are an often exploited vulnerability for government and corporate networks. In fact, Verizon announced in a recent study that 91% of phishing attacks specifically targeted email credentials.  

What Phishing Tricks Do Employees Mostly Fall for?

Phishing is the scourge of business cybersecurity. The precursor to many devastating cyberattacks like ransomware, account takeover and business email compromise.   ...

If you’re under pressure by cybercriminal – stop and think

Phishing scams are one of the biggest security threats to your business right now.    A massive 83% of organizations said they ...

How to get the perfect video call setup, whatever your budget

Video calls have quickly become a critical communication tool. Yet too many people have a poor video call setup, with bad camera angles, poor lighting, and unprofessional sound. Here we'll show you how to improve these three areas.   

Is working from home really good for your business?

Working from home. Or remote working, as it’s now called.  It’s the big thing in business, isn’t it? And some people love it.  They’re happier working where they want, and when they want. And that makes them more productive and less likely ...

3 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have an Incident Response Plan

Are you ready to mount an incident response? In today’s volatile cybercrime landscape, every organization needs to be able to answer “yes”.   

How can small Businesses manage and protect their devices correctly

Nowadays, when an entrepreneur decides to start a business, the very first assets they need to buy are a computer and phone. This is true for any business in the modern world, as our devices are what connect us with our teams, customers, ...

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