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Any of a number of individuals with interests and investments in a business or enterprise, among whom expenses, profits, and losses are shared.

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Reactive Support

Pacific IT Support is there when you need us with 24x7x365 support. Our talented team of technicians our dedicated to getting you back to work as efficiently as possible.

Proactive Support

For us, reactive support is not just running updates. We do that as well, but the power of our support really comes into play in how we implement our proactive support. From complete documentation to our style of incident and problem resolution to not only resolve issues, but to make sure that they are truly resolved is where we shine. Eventually building your network to be solid and fine-tuned.

Strategic Planning

Today’s business networks are not just computers, wires, and servers. You’re dealing with policies, standards, security, and compliance. Managing all that takes proper planning, with the ability to project where a businesses’ technology needs to be in 1, 2, 3 years or more. We can be that partner that helps you plan for your businesses’ future.

IT Projects

Get your IT project done right with Pacific IT. Our team can manage all your technology projects, and with our style of clear communication, you’ll know what you can expect for your end results.

Pacific IT provides: Trusted Technology Partner serving
Maui, HI. and Whatcom County, WA.

Pacific IT Support provides managed IT services to small businesses. We specialize in process improvement and operational efficiency. We always strive for the best service, believing that our clients are our most important asset. We focus on your business needs and will always work to transform technology from a source of frustration to get you back to work and achieve your goals.

  • Helpdesk - Our helpdesk is always ready to help with efficient and friendly service. Our number one priority in responding to our clients when you need help is how to get you back to work as efficiently as possible. We’ll work around your schedule to keep your users as productive as possible.
  • Centralized Services - This is the backend that our clients don’t even know is happening, and that’s how we like it! Centralized Services keeps our backend systems finely tuned to keep your networks streamlined and efficient.
  • Network Administration - NetAdmin manages all the policies and standards which sets how we do what we do, and the best ways to set up, manage, protect, and maintain our clients' systems.
  • Professional Services - We provide ad hoc IT projects or projects fully integrated with our other service delivery areas, providing well designed and well managed projects with clear objectives, priorities, risks, and deliverables. Your IT project will be in good hands with our Professional Services team.
  • vCIO - vCIO or virtual Chief Information Officer is our strategic planning area. We believe in knowing your business and industry well enough to help you plan for your business for the future. Technology moves fast, and we believe your business can benefit greatly with a technology partner that’s watching out for you today, but also for the future of your business!

What Our Clients Say…

Pacific IT Support helped us streamline networks, update servers, secure confidential information and finally expand and increase production. With Pacific IT Support on our side we are able to perform at our very best for our clientele.

Bradford I. The Ing Law Firm

Pacific IT Support is a dependable company that always responded and followed up with us in a timely manner to trouble shoot and resolve our IT issues. It was hard to find good IT support on the island until we found them. They have a very nice staff and have been a  pleasure to work with.

Garrett H. Hamai Appliance

Pacific IT Support has provided seamless integration with new team members and cloud base services. Outsourcing our IT needs to Pacific IT Support saves us time and makes our company run more efficiently.

Adam D. Sterling Development Services

Pacific IT Support has been beneficial for our hotel in multiple aspects. Being able to access support via email helps us keep track and monitor recurring problems. The Pacific IT team has also strengthened our confidence in our IT areas where we don't panic every time something goes wrong because we know the issue will be rectified in a timely matter. In addition to the quick response rate, Erik especially has been readily available on Holidays (the Easter key fiasco to more specific), day and night, to assist us personally.

Katie H. Hotel Wailea, Relais & Chateaux

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